Villa Caza Levantiera offers autonomy since is placed in quiet region of the village. She is constituted by two floors, parking area, garden and balconies.

Ideal for families, companies and pairs

Since it allocates

In the second floor three bedrooms where they can be entertained 6 persons

and in the first floor one living room, that can entertain another 2 persons,

bathroom and fully equipped kitchen.

The view from balconies is amazing.

Enjoy the unique sunset into the blue Ionian Sea waters by drinking your coffee or your drink with your company.

Villa Caza Levantiera is situated in a very close distance from the two wonderful beaches called Kathisma and Kavalikeuta.

It also constitutes ideal start point from a tour in the western Lefkada with the most wonderful seaside areas like the famous Porto Katsiki beach and the cape of Lefkada.

For nights with intense rhythms the seaside village called Agios Nikitas, where is placed in a distance just 2 klm from villa Caza Levantiera, will offer to you unforgettable experiences next to the wave of the sea.

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